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Diapente Viol Consort
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DIAPENTE is the ancient Greek and medieval name for the interval of a fifth, and originally means 'through five'. The newly founded 5-part viol consort Diapente is a truly international ensemble. The members come from the Netherlands, France, Russia, USA and Gemany and play in various leading European and North American early music ensembles as The Locke Consort, La Grande Écurie, Currende, Musica Eterna, Oberlin Consort of Viols and Tafelmusik. They called Diapente to life in 2001 in order to perform the most beautiful repertoire of the "golden age" of viol consort music. Using all instruments of the viol family in various combinations (here: treble, 2 tenors, bass and violone), Diapente seeks to bring out the charm, richness and beauty of its particular and idiomatic repertoire. The use of a violone - a historical but in our times unique feature in consort music - is already a hallmark of the sound of the ensemble. Diapente played at the 1. Festival de viole de gambe in Asfeld (France), June 2002 and at the Early Music Festival Utrecht (The Netherlands), August 2002.

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Susanne Braumann
Sergei Istomin
Geneviève Bégou
Christine Kyprianides
Jean-Paul Everts

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